UnsungSongbook for Made in Roath

This is the debut public project for Freya Dooley and Cinzia Mutigli, two halves of a primarily non-musical band. Throughout Made in Roath, they will be making appearances at various events, distributing LyricBooks of realised scripts of so-far unrealised songs. These books are a precursor for songs that haven’t been sung by a band that have never (yet) performed together.

For Radio Roath, they will be staging a daily discussion feature: ‘A Conversation With…’ whereby musical personalities including David Bowie, Debbie Harry and Lou Reed will be discussing thoughts and memories surrounding a topic or theme of Freya and Cinzia’s choice. Listen out for the first instalment; ‘David Byrne and Brian Wilson on missing a party.’
Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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