On Record

As part of Cardiff Contemporary Artist Festival, we have been commissioned to to organise an analogue sound art exhibition that gives a platform for artists’ work made on vinyl and audiotape.  The exhibition is called On Record and for it we are inviting artists to be involved in the project through the commissioning of new work and the inclusion of existing works.

The exhibition venue will be a centrally located shop space in Cardiff that will be able to accommodate both private and shared listening.  We want to reference old record shops that had listening booths so customers could sample records before buying. Visitors will listen to tracks on headphones but the shop will also act as a social space where there will be ongoing informal opportunities to chat and listen to a collection of music and sound works over cups of tea.  There will also be related texts to browse such as DIY flyers and leaflets created by us and other contributing artists. In addition we will schedule an evening event at which artists will perform their spoken or sound works.

The key themes of On Record are analogue process and presentation, the referencing of popular culture and the idea of a compilation. In the next couple of weeks we'll be giving you more information about the project, the commissions and other ways you could get involved, so keep a look out on our blog and our twitter feed @NotPopMusic

On the Radio

Earlier this year we received a Pitch3 commission to create a prose text that would last 3 minutes when read. The piece we made is called On the Radio and it was played on Pitch Radio programme 136,  Radio Cardiff. Listen to the programme here.