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Join us for a series of performances by the artists taking part in On Record for Cardiff Contemporary...

Wednesday 29 October, from 6pm

Chris Brown - The mixtape, an illustrated lecture
Freya Dooley and Cinzia Mutigli
Matt Cook
Ian Watson - Only Surface Noise is Real

Saturday 1 November from 2pm - 8pm

Richard Huw Morgan durational performance
Stabbing Les present Les Cassettes
Robert Bidder performance
Stabbing Les performance plus screening of Les on Film

Sunday 2 November 12pm - 5pm

Jacob Whittaker- Cardiff Flex-out

On Record is open from Monday 27 October to Sunday 2 November, 11am- 6pm daily.

13-15 Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF


The mixtape - an illustrated lecture
Chris Brown will be inviting us to join him on a nostalgic journey to a pre-digital era when the C90 tape was our audio currency of choice. He'll reflect on this innovation that mobilised music and prompted the art of the compilation, while attempting to answer the fundamental question: what makes a good segue?

Freya Dooley and Cinzia Mutigli are a collaborative duo who make text, sound and performance works that borrow from pop music and culture. They are interested in lo-fi, and analogue processes, which allow them to ponder a slower pace of communication. They initiated On Record and invited artists to take part who share an interest in collaboration, compilation, music and memory.

Matt Cook works with found objects, which he reassembles into sound instruments that attempt to recreate rhythms and soundscapes we experience in everyday life. He has a particular interest in the city, its ambience and topography, which he approaches through walking, looking, listening, thinking and feeling. Matt aims to reveal hidden rhythms and structures in everyday life, sights and sounds that we regularly experience, but don’t usually notice.
For On Record Matt will make an improvised performance using handmade sound objects and everyday items to layer and manipulate acoustic sounds.

Ian Watson has created a short series of 'bootlegs' from a one-off 7" record pressed from a recording of his own music. He examines the fetishism associated with analog audio formats, in particular vinyl. The piece chosen for duplication will take into account the expected glitches, crackles and surface noise from air-bubbles which are a problematic by-product of resin casting, the premise being that the piece is only 'complete' when these process-based elements are present upon the surface of the resin discs.
The project will become complete with a performance involving the original 7", one of the cast copies and the recording of the pops and crackles created through the resin bootleg production run, alongside Ian's usual mixture of electronic objects and effects.

Richard Huw Morgan will be working with some of the sonic relics and audio artifacts that carry traces of his life and work to date...from 1980’s philosophy lecture recordings on cassette, distorted DAT from the top of the Empire States building, VHS soundtracks from performances he was in, audio files of performance soundtracks he’s made, through to his own vinyl records.
Some of these will be available for listening to for the duration of On Record, others involved in a real-time mixing and mashing and blending with the live and recorded sound of the space itself.
He’ll be reviving the name “Continuous sound labordy swn cont...” (first used back in 2000 for a collective) for this work...mainly because he rather liked the graphics....

Robert Bidder was born a Gemini in Maidstone in 1982. Since then he has been trying to work things out and stick things together in the ways that seem easiest at the time. He works mostly in drawings, films and music and has played in various bands such as Dog Chocolate, Gasp! Cracking Eggs and Yeborobo. He’s making a performance for this exhibition which at the moment is taking dust, crosswords, dogs and porridge as source materials.

Stabbing Les are a multi-disciplinary art collective and the North East of England’s foremost fictional band. Stabbing Les is made up of artists, curators and mercenary musicians. Their work straddles the boundaries of performance art, bad covers band and unfulfilled aspiration. Where audiences go to see virtuosity in performance, Stabbing Les deliver gloriously shambolic failure.
Les Cassettes is Stabbing Les’s touring compilation of cassette-based artworks submitted by artists from across the country. From the playful to the unplayable, by way of the unlistenable, the archive consists of sound art, designed objects and other curio; all presented in the form of audio cassettes. The collection is shown via the medium of a pop-up shop with a limited number of each edition available for sale at an affordable price.

Jacob Whittaker lives and works in Cardigan, Ceredigion. A member of the Rhôd Artist's Group and co-founder of GWRANDO and Capel Y Graig art space, his work includes sound and video installation, as well as documentary film for artists, local groups and community organisations.
As part of 'On Record' there will be a display of over 100 flexi discs from Jake’s record collection and an opportunity to hear them played in the exhibition space throughout the last day of the show on Sunday 2 November.
Since 2003 he has been acquiring a collection of over 4000 12inch, around 2000 7inch and 1000 10inch records. Collected from charity shops, boot sales, found, donated by friends, relatives and colleagues the collection covers all genres and eras.
'It ain't no joke when you lose your vinyl.'
Afrika Bambaataa


Image by Chris Brown

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